Scarlett Gray Joins the Parade - Now Available on!

"Scarlett Gray Joins the Parade" is a Christian-based short chapter book for young girls (ages 4 to 8). It is centered on Ephesians 6:1.

The book is about a young girl, Scarlett Gray, who cannot wait to attend this year's Fourth of July Celebration with her parents and her best friend. Scarlett Gray promises to follow her parents' safety rules, but will the excitement of the parade overcomes her promise to obey the rules?

I am thrilled that my readers are enjoying this book. One reader posted the following review on

"AMAZING book! As a new mom I am trying to build up a collection of "good" books for my children. It is important for me to find ones that not only tell a story - but emphasize GOOD character qualities. This book does just that. It is well written and the illustrations are very cute! This is a classic that will stay in my children's library for years to come. Please come out with a second one!" Elene

"Scarlett Gray Joins the Parade" may be purchased by clicking here.

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